Choosing your yurts' door and window number, style and location is an extremely important part of the design process.  Every yurt site and use is different and unique, which is why we invite you to choose your door and window location using our panel layout sheets.  Below is a brief overview of how to use the sheets.  Download your yurt size and have fun playing around with different configurations!

The panel layout sheet is a tool to let you plan the door and window location, number and style for your yurt.  You will see that they have lettered panels around the perimeter.  Each lettered panel represents approx 60" of exterior wall.  You may place your doors and windows wherever you like with a few exceptions.

Each hard opening (glass windows and doorways) needs to have at least one lettered panel between them.  Each door (French or regular) and window (4' x 4' fabric and glass windows) will take up one panel while 8' screen sections will take up 2.

It is very important to think about your prevailing wind direction and how the yurts are oriented towards it.  You do not want your primary door or your stove to be on the upwind (unprotected) side of the yurt.  We will need to know your prevailing wind direction for orienting your opening dome hardware as well.  For 36" doors we will need to know inswing or outswing and which side of the door (when looking at it from outside) you want your hinges on.  For French Doors we will also need to know inswing or outswing and which of the two slabs you want to be the active (always opens, has the handle in it) when looking at it from outside.

Panel Sheet Layout Example