The exterior yurt fabric consists of two seperate pieces -the walls and roof.


Starfire is an acrylic top coated polyester product and is our standard wall fabric, included in the base price of a yurt.  We have found it to be durable and tough but lightweight and easily handled. It comes in an array of colors and does not have a glossy, plastic look. This product carries a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Star800 is our premium wall fabric.  This fabric is also a vinyl coated polyester, but carries an 8 year manufacturers warranty.  Star800 is  a welded fabric, so no sewn seams.  It is easier to clean than Starfire.


ProShield is our standard fabric included in the base price of your yurt.  This vinyl coated polyester has welded seams, is easy to clean and carries an 8 year manufacturers warranty.

Duro-Last is our premium roof fabric.  It carries a 15 year manufacturers warranty, has welded seams, and offers the longest lasting level of protection for your investment.

Duro-Last fabrics are available far a small price increase.  Please contact us for more details.
Terra cotta color choice in Duro-last will cost 15% more.
All wall and roof fabric choices are available in a wide array of colors.  Please contact us if you would like to receive sample books of the different choices available.
See our Resources Tab for Current Color choices.
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