You found our sale page, but we're not currently running an official sale. 


Sorry, you missed our latest sale. Don't worry though. We're happy to discuss how we can make the yurt of your dreams come true. Contact us and ask for the best available deal. We can also put you on a list to be alerted the next time we run a sale.  

We love to talk to our potential customers and answer their questions. Give us a call at 406-721-9878.  

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Our offerings:
We're known for our two main yurt designs. The Eco Yurt, and the Big Sky Yurt. 

Learn more about the Eco Yurt or view the Eco Yurt Price Calculator.
Learn more about the Big Sky Yurt or view the Big Sky Yurt Calculator.

What sets us apart?

Unlike some other yurt companies, every Shelter Designs yurt comes standard with:

  • Tall walls
  • Real exterior doors
  • A built-in awning over every door and glass window
  • A heavy duty tension cable

Plus we offer options no other yurt maker has like Arctic Insulation, the Eco-Yurt, and the 40' Big Sky yurt!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Photo Gallery