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Eco-Yurt™: The Green, Natural Home

The Eco-Yurt is a one of a kind, truly handcrafted yurt.  No other company is making anything like it, so you will find this only at Shelter Designs.  Local, sustainably-harvested lumber is incorporated into every Eco-Yurt frame.  By keeping the lumber production as close to home as we can, we ensure that the ecological footprint of our frames stays within our watershed. This also bolsters the local economy and keeps us connected to the forest we call home.  After carefully selecting only the finest quality wood available, we handcraft each individual yurt frame as it is ordered.  Production times are a little longer on an Eco-Yurt, but you can’t rush craftsmanship!  Beautiful, hand peeled lodgepole pine roof rafters and snow and wind legs and a non toxic, no VOC finish are just a few of the features setting this yurt in a class of it’s own.

The Eco-Yurt™ features:

  • Roof rafters are made exclusively of hand-peeled Lodge Pole pine. The best trees for this purpose, ie., straight with small knots, are collected from densely vegetated areas of the forest that benefit from highly selective thinning.
  • non-toxic, no-VOC, food grade Tung oil as the wood finish for the Eco-Yurt.
  • Wall lattice with finish heigth of 7'-2" (Tall Wall is our standard)
  • 3/8” Heavy Duty Tension cable of high quality steel
  • Solid 36” wooden exterior door with thermal pane window, not plywood and plexiglass.
  • Door awning and rain diverter over every entryway and glass window.
  • StarFire wall fabric and ProShield roof fabric
  • 48” x 48" removable clear vinyl windows with fine mesh bug screens and storm flaps.  Two windows on our 16’ and 20'.  Three windows on the 24', 27', 30'.
  • Fixed clear dome specifically designed to fit over the compression ring
  • Compression Ring of Fir/Larch and plywood laminate (for superior strength)

While other manufacturers charge extra for many of these options, if they have them at all, we include them in our base price.  This means there are no hidden costs for you. 

Add features: To build your custom Eco Yurt™ use our custom calculator below.

Eco Yurt Price Calculator

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Eco Yurt™ Models and Base Pricing:

  • 12’ (113 sq. ft.) $6,360
  • 16’ (201 sq. ft.) $7,435
  • 20’ (314 sq. ft.) $9,115
  • 24’ (452 sq. ft.) $10,315
  • 27' (572 sq. ft.) $11,995
  • 30’ (706 sq. ft.) $13,365

Add features: To build your custom Eco Yurt™ use our custom calculator below.

Eco Yurt Price Calculator


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