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Not all yurts are created equal – at Shelter Designs, we are making the highest quality yurts for sale on the market today. Remember – other company’s endpoint is our starting point.

Generous standard features are included in the base cost of every yurt kit for sale, many of which will cost extra with other companies (if they offer them at all). These include larger standard rafters (why have a 2×4 rafter on a 30’ yurt?), a ⅜” tension cable, built in awnings and rain diverters over every glass window and doorway, and insulated fiberglass exterior doors with thermal pane glass windows (not plywood and plexiglass). Using all of our custom options and engineering data, our team will help you design the perfect yurt specific for your use and location. Curious about yurt cost? We’ve got you covered. 

At Shelter Designs we offer two distinct yurt models. The Big Sky model uses premium dimensional lumber for the rafters (2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10) and snow and wind legs, while the Eco Yurt utilizes small diameter round lodgepole pine logs for the rafters and snow and wind legs. Both models come packed with the same generous standard features mentioned above and are completely customizable to suit your use and needs. The Big Sky yurt house model typically runs about 10-15% less than Eco Yurt (depending on custom options chosen) and is the perfect choice for customers wanting an outstanding yurt at a great price. The Eco Yurt is a one of a kind, hand crafted yurt that has a more rustic log cabin feel to it. We utilize locally sourced small diameter poles that are selectively thinned for forest health. Big Sky models are able to achieve higher snow load ratings as we can increase the rafter size as needed, all the way to engineered lumber, while the Eco Yurt maxes out at a 4” diameter pole.

The Big Sky Yurt

The Big Sky’s roof rafters and snow legs are framed with premium dimensional lumber.

The Big Sky yurt combines the best of both worlds – excellent quality at a reasonable price. Sizes range from 12’ all the way up to the epic 40’. The Big Sky is packed with generous standard features and has a myriad of custom options available to suit your tastes.

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The Eco Yurt

The Eco Yurt’s roof rafters and snow/wind legs are framed with hand-finished, round Lodgepole pine.

The Eco-Yurt is a one of a kind, truly handcrafted yurt found only at Shelter Designs. Small diameter round lodgepole pine give the Eco Yurt a rustic, western, log cabin feel.

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We Take Pride in Every Step.

Every single piece of wood that goes into your Shelter Designs yurt is shaped with diligence and care. Our extreme attention to detail sets us apart from other yurt manufacturers. We know you will appreciate the extra love and attention that goes into our custom yurts.

Our Building Process

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