green shelter designs yurt on a platform

Seasonal Yurt Maintenance

How To Care For Your Yurt

Yurts are relatively low-maintenance structures. However, we do recommend some easy yurt maintenance steps to ensure the yurt stays looking great and performs to its full potential. By the end of these steps, you’ll know how to how to care for and maintain a yurt. 

  1. For seasonal yurt maintenance, the exterior fabrics will need cleaned at least once a year with a mild soap and warm water, possibly more frequently depending on exposure to dirt, tree residue, etc. Do not use chemical cleaners, abrasives or pressure washers. A bristle brush and elbow grease should get the dirt buildup off of the covers.  For hard to reach spots and the roof we recommend using a brush with a telescopic extending handle. Wash off with a hose and you’re done!   
  2. Any exposed wood (like the siding below glass windows, the bottom threshold of the doors and exterior cedar trim) should be refinished with an exterior grade stain every few years or as visually needed.
  3. The dome should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth to reduce the risk of scratching. Bringing the dome down to the ground is a safe method for cleaning as needed.  Wash any soapy residue off with clean water.
  4. The fabric vinyl windows should also be cleaned with warm, soapy water and washed clean with water. When opening the fabric vinyl windows, always roll them up, do not crease and fold as that can leave marks. When opening the exterior storm flaps on the fabric windows, always roll them up and be sure to start the roll towards the yurt wall. This insures that water coming off the roof does not gather in the roll of the storm flap!