Custom yurt features

Custom Features for Your Yurt

When you build your custom yurt with Shelter Designs, you’ll have complete control over almost every aspect of your yurt.

Shelter Designs strives to provide an optimal home environment or guest retreat to serve your needs for comfortable and sustainable living. We offer custom options for windows, walls, doors, and items that will improve your yurt’s livability and comfort. We are happy to work with you on any ideas you may have about customizing your yurt home or commercial yurt. Please contact us for more details.


Shelter Designs uses high quality solid fiberglass exterior doors for your yurt, not plywood and plexiglass! The base price of your yurt includes a fiberglass door with a half light thermal pane window. We offer optional opening windows in our full and half light steel doors.

If you desire multiple entrances we can add another door. A 48” wide French door is one of our more popular options. We also offer a full light screen door for our standard 36” entryway and a screen curtain for the French door.


All Shelter Designs’ yurts come standard with removable, flexible 48” x 48” vinyl windows. A removable fine mesh screen is included with every vinyl window to keep out the smallest of insects. You can add additional windows to meet your needs.

Shelter Designs also offers operable thermal pane glass windows. Choose from 3’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’ or 3’ x 5’. This single hung window comes attractively set in its own frame and is easily and efficiently installed. Our energy star glass windows come completely trimmed and cased, there is no additional work required from you!

A very popular option is our 8’ screen roll up wall, with or without a clear vinyl window. This screen section provides maximum ventilation and views.

Insulation Packages

Shelter Designs’ Basic insulation package will help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The insulation material helps keep radiant heat inside the yurt, and is very effective while your heat source is going. Our wall insulation comes in a panelized form with the insulation sewn directly to the liner material to maximize adjustability for window openings. Our roof insulation and liner are separate pieces.

Shelter Designs Exclusive:

Arctic Insulation Option

This is a Shelter Designs’ exclusive feature, offering an additional layer of insulation to help make your yurt more comfortable and warm for the most extreme weather environments and year round living. Our Arctic Insulation package adds 1/2” thick flexible foam to our baseline insulation package, which helps your yurt to stay warmer longer than with the baseline insulation. Our customers report that they were able to use less energy to heat their yurt with our Arctic Insulation compared to baseline insulation. Boost your R-value by adding Arctic Insulation to your yurt!


Choosing the colors of your yurt’s walls and roof is one of the many ways you can customize your build. With a wide variety of color options, there’s something to suit every taste. If your yurt will be consistently exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend that you select light colors.

Color Options For Roof Fabric
Shelter Designs wall fabric color options

Roof Fabric Options

Choose from two quality vinyl-coated fabrics:

  • ProShield is our standard roof fabric and carries a 8-year warranty.
  • Duro-Last is our premier roof fabric and carries a 15-year warranty.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details on our yurt roof covers. All choices come in a wide variety of colors. Please contact us for samples!

Wall Fabric Options

Choose from two quality vinyl-coated fabrics:

  • Starfire: our standard wall covering is an acrylic top-coated polyester. It carries a 5-year warranty and has sewn seams.
  • Star800: our premier wall fabric is a vinyl-coated polyester. It carries an 8-year warranty, offers easy cleaning, and has welded seams.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details on our yurt wall fabric. All choices come in a wide variety of colors. Please contact us for samples!

Additional Options

Bottom Hook and Loop Attachment

Every Shelter Designs yurt wall comes with grommets spaced every foot around the bottom of the exterior wall to securely anchor the fabric to the floor frame. Take the next step to fully seal the bottom of your wall and keep out stray drafts and those creepy crawlies! This SD exclusive feature connects the wall to the floor frame with 2” hook and loop around the entire bottom perimeter, providing the ultimate seal from the elements.

bottom hook and loop attachment

Bottom Splash Band

Spruce up the look of your yurt while adding extra protection from splashing water and snow accumulation! We make the bottom 18” of your wall with 15-year DuroLast fabric, adding an attractive look and practical protection from the elements.

green shelter designs yurt

Snow and Wind Kit

The snow and wind kit consist of upright supports under each roof rafter, and a cable blocking system in the rafters. The upright supports are attached to the rafters, lattice and floor. These structural components increases the yurt’s ability to withstand extreme load conditions.

Perimeter Blocking

Perimeter blocking is a horizontal block line of 2×4 blocks that are installed at the top of the wall between the snow and wind legs.  This simple structural upgrade provides a substantial boost to the snow and wind loading capabilities of your yurt.

Stovepipe Flashing Kit

Our easy to install flashing kit will be made to fit the size of pipe that you need (up to 8” in diameter). Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see what heating option is best for you.

Center Ring Screen Insert

Maintain a bug free environment in your yurt while still benefiting from an open skylight for maximum ventilation.

center ring of a yurt with a screen insert
photo of a dome opener for a yurt

Dome Opener & Tinted Dome

These are our most popular options. Opening the skylight allows for maximum ventilation, drawing hot air out of your living space. The tinted dome provides a significant shield from the hot sun, keeping your yurt cooler, while still providing a view the blue sky, white clouds, and trees.

Fan Mount

Keep the air circulating in your yurt by installing a ceiling fan. This attractive mount has an electrical box mortised into it for mounting most types of ceiling fans.

big sky yurt center ring being installed

Central Column

This is a central pole designed to support the roof in extreme loading conditions. This option is ideal when the yurt is mostly unoccupied or is not maintained during harsh winter conditions. Please call to see if this option is right for you.

central column in a yurt

Stainless Steel Hardware

Upgrade your hardware to stainless steel for extreme maritime conditions.

Insulated Window Coverings

These window coverings will maximize the efficiency of your yurt’s insulation in extremely cold climates.

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