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Yurt Assembly

How To Build A Yurt

The amount of time it takes to assemble your yurt is dependent on many factors, similar to any other construction project. Your experience with tape measures and tools, the yurt site itself, and the quality of your “helpers” can make things go smoothly, or cause your timeline to take longer.

1. Watch the yurt instructional videos.

Our yurts come with full instructional videos so watching these beforehand is very important.  We can walk you and/or your contractor through any questions that come up during your setup. We hear time and time again that our customer service during the setup phase made all the difference for our customers. 

2. Assemble the yurt.

The estimates below assume the platform is built and ready, you are working 8-10 hour days, and you have good weather! This is to get your yurt assembled, and does not include the final buttoning up the yurt. If you are setting your yurt up in cooler weather (40’s and below) please note that the fabric covering may not relax fully. It is common to have to retension the fabric when warmer weather returns.

We estimate the following time frames for your yurt set up:

12′ yurt: plan on 1-2 days with 3 people

16′ yurt: plan on 2 days with 3-4 people

20′ yurt: plan on 2 days with 3-4 people

24′ yurt: plan on 3 days with 4-5 people

27′ yurt: plan on 3-4 days with 4-5 people  (machine lift of fabric super helpful)

30′ yurt: plan on 3-4 days with 4-5 people  (machine lift of fabric super helpful)

35′ yurt: plan on 4-5 days with 5-6 people  (machine lift of fabric required!)

40′ yurt: plan on 5-7 days with 6-7 people  (machine lift of fabric required!)

The 40′ Big Sky yurt roof fabric alone can weigh 550 lbs, so a machine to help lift is a must.  Each 40′ Big Sky yurt rafter weighs 35 – 40 lbs and is at quite long at 21′. Scaffolding is a must during the installation. Our detailed instructional videos that will spell out further requirements.

3. Apply all finishing touches!

Plan on 1-2 days in addition to the estimates below to get your yurt completely done.

Caring For Your New Yurt

Now that your yurt has successfully been set up, it’s important to give it the attention and care that it needs. These are low-maintenance structures, but you can extend the longevity and performance of the components by properly caring for it over the years.

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