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In this video, ‘What is a yurt?’, owners of Shelter Designs Yurts, Hays and Vince, talk about what a yurt is. They talk about how far yurts have come from an engineering and strength perspective. They also discuss the grandeur of yurts and how one must stand inside a yurt to truly understand their awesomeness!

Our Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) floors make yurt platform construction a breeze. Pre engineered insulated floor pieces easily connect together to form a perfect circle for your yurt to attach to. Portable, strong and simple – our SIP panels will have you floored in no time!

In this video, ‘Yurt Framing and Attachment Strength’, Hays goes into detail about how Shelter Designs has uniquely engineered their framing and attachment points for maximum strength and durability.

In this video, Vince, co-owner of Shelter Designs Yurts, goes into detail on strategies for building interior walls in a yurt. Highlighting, both freestanding techniques as well as anchoring to yurt structure, Vince illustrates just how easy it is to make the most out of your round space with interior walls and lofts.

In this video, Hays, Co-Owner of Shelter Designs Yurts, illustrates just how easy it is to wire a yurt. Want your yurt home to have all the comforts and power of a modern home? No problem! From ceiling fans to flat screens, you can wire your yurt to any specification!

In this video, Hays and Vince of Shelter Designs Yurts go over how to run plumbing in a yurt. From on the grid septic style bathrooms to off-grid simple composting toilets, we have seen it all. Watch this webisode and give us a shout if you have any other specific questions regarding your future yurt bathroom setup!

The first webisode in this series features a question we get daily…Can you actually stay warm in a yurt? Watch as Caitlin, full time off grid yurt dweller in western Montana, explains how she and her husband manage their yurt’s temperature in winter! Give us a shout to submit more ‘ask a yurt dweller questions’ or to talk about your next yurt project!

Roughing it in a 40′ Yurt’ Features a couple in Northern Idaho that lives full time in a BEAUTIFUL 40′ yurt home. Boasting a whopping 1,256 square feet of floor space, the 40′ yurt is our BIG KAHUNA. Recently, our larger models have become increasingly popular as full-time homes (we also have a 35′ yurt). We frequently get asked about what modern amenities must be sacrificed in order to live in a yurt. Take a look at this yurt home and just imagine what you, your family, or even your business could do with this space.

How many of you work in town and would LOVE a backcountry escape. Check out how 3 families joined forces to invest in their own yurt vacation getaway in Western Montana…

Get a behind the scenes look at the Shedhorn Grill – An off grid slope side restaurant located above 9,000 feet in Big Sky Ski Resort in Montana. For over 8 years this yurt has stood the test of time taking whatever the big mountain throws at it in stride. Yurts: good for homes, good for getaways and definitely good for commercial uses!

YURTS! Here at Shelter Designs Yurts we get lots of questions about yurt living. Questions like: How do you heat a yurt? Can you have plumbing in a yurt? How strong are yurts? Can they hold up in heavy snow loads? etc etc. In an effort to answer these questions in a more visual manner, we are introducing a series of educational webisodes. Shoot us your questions and subscribe to this channel for more information regarding all things YURT!

YURTS! Ready to pull the trigger on customizing your own yurt? There are lots of options that you can consider when designing your Shelter Designs Yurt. This webisode is a brief overview of some of the add ons offered at Shelter Designs.

In this video owners of Shelter Designs Yurts, Hays and Vince, introduce the company. Shelter Designs Yurts, based in Missoula Montana, specializes in hand made state of the art yurts. From backcountry ski lodges to yoga studios to even year round housing, Shelter Designs Yurts are built to be sustainable, beautiful and strong.

Quality and strength are not “extras” at Shelter Designs. Larger standard rafter sizes, real exterior doors with thermal pane glass, heavy duty tension cables, and many other features are standard in every yurt we produce. Your yurt starts with standard features that many other manufacturers end with after costly upgrades. We then go from there and help you design the perfect yurt that will suit your climate, budget and use. Check out the newest webisode for more information about how Shelter Designs is setting a higher standard for today’s modern yurt.

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We’ve been building the finest quality permanent yurts in America since 1999. As you look to start your dream build, we’re confident you won’t find a better experience from start to finish than with our professional, experienced team. 

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