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Glamping Yurts – A Personal Getaway or Avenue to Grow Your Business

December 14, 2021

Glamping yurts have become extremely popular over the last few years as many people look to the outdoors for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When it comes to glamping, Shelter Designs yurts are the very best accommodation available to enjoy nature with the amenities of a home.  Whether you wish to learn more about glamping yurts for your own vacation or want to start or expand your glamping business with commercial yurts, read on. 

What is a Glamping Yurt?

As modern life seems to move faster and faster, people are looking for a way to escape the constant hustle and reconnect with nature.  But, maybe sleeping on a thin sleeping pad on the ground in an uninsulated tent is not for you.  Welcome to the world of glamping yurts.  You can still experience the sounds and feel of nature in a yurt while relaxing into the silent bliss that is so hard to find anymore for most people.  And you can do it while being warm and dry with all of the modern luxuries you want.  Many glamping yurts offer plush bedding, kitchens and full bathrooms.  

Glamping Yurts for Business

If you are looking at adding yurts to an existing glamping business or starting a new operation,  yurts offer a year-round comfortable space for your guests to experience the wonders of nature in comfort and style.  Shelter Designs Yurts are an ideal glamping shelter when compared to many other types of tents – wall tents, bell tents, tipis, etc.  The advantages that our luxury yurts offer are that they can be insulated for comfort, they have a complete engineering analysis done on them so that you do not have to worry about taking them down for the winter season and they can be outfitted with upgrades like operable glass windows, french doors, operable skylights, etc.  To get started with a yurt business, select your yurt site, start budgeting for the yurt cost, and make yourself aware of any building or energy code requirements. Once you’re knowledgeable on the investment and process, then the fun begins!

Stay in a Shelter Designs Yurt

In Shelter Designs’ existence, it has supplied luxury glamping yurts for many businesses around the world. You can even book a stay before building one yourself.  

  • Visit the beautiful country of southeastern Utah and Zion National Park while staying in a luxury yurt at the East Zion Resort
  • Book a sea kayaking adventure in the far north of Norway and stay in a yurt at Elements Arctic Camp 
  • Experience the majesty of the Sierra Nevada in the Tahoe area by booking a yurt at Wylder Hotels Hope Valley
  • Explore the rugged country of extreme northern Utah and stay in one of five luxury 40’ yurts near Bear Lake at Oso Blu
  • Visit the beautiful western foothills of Maine while staying in one of the eight 24′ yurts at Western Maine Yurts 

These are just a few examples of the yurts that Shelter Designs has built. Visit Our Yurts page for a comprehensive list of places to visit and stay. If you’re looking for yurts for sale, visit our yurt kits page to build your own online and start budgeting for your yurt cost.

Planning your Dream Yurt