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Planning your Dream Yurt

Planning Your Yurt Dream Space

August 28, 2017

We hate to say it, but we are bad about writing about our yurts.  Our passion is in the shop, as we meticulously make sure that every single piece of roof rafter and lattice is shaped, sanded and finished to specification.  We love talking to our customers by email, phone, and in person about their yurt projects.

With that being said, we are dusting off the Blog portion of our website.  Our new series will be aimed at addressing the most frequent questions we get, and taking your average person through the many details of site selection, county codes, insulation and heating, platform building and site prep, utilities, and finally the yurt assembly and final build out.  It is a common misconception that yurts are “just tents”  and that little thought would go into the details.  I would argue that our customers are picking a Yurt precisely because they want more than a tent, they want a yurt home.  Whether it is temporary or permanent, yurts are lovely structures to spend time in.  As with any project, the more fore-thought that goes into the planning process, the easier the final push to completion will be.

We have spent a lot of time making our Youtube channel to address construction related Frequently Asked Questions, including the above video “WHAT IS A YURT?” and now we will be bringing you “Planning your yurt dream space”  Stay tuned !

Planning your Dream Yurt