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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Yurt

February 9, 2022

Looking at used yurts for sale in your area?  Saving some money is always a good thing, and sometimes a used yurt can hit all the marks of quality, custom options and affordability.  However, it is important to carefully consider the details of a used yurt and make sure it is as good of a deal as claimed.  In the end, you may sleep better knowing that you have exactly what you need in your yurt when it is designed and purchased new from a manufacturer.  

1. Will the Current Yurt Design Work for You?

2. Will You Need Repacking and Setting Up Support?

3. Used vs New Pricing

Have you considered the whole picture when looking for a used yurt for sale? Read on to find out!

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Why Be Weary of Used Yurts for Sale?

Will the Current Yurt Design Work for You?

When buying a used yurt, the design from original owner may not work for you or the location you’d like to place it. When you buy a yurt from Shelter Designs, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing every yurt we build goes through an initial engineering analysis to ensure the necessary structural upgrades are in place to guarantee that the yurt can withstand its local snow and wind conditions. Check out our different available yurt kits

Snow and Wind Load

Do you need a site-specific engineering plan for your yurt project? We work with a nationally licensed firm that can provide stamped plans and assist in designing your yurt to withstand any conditions. If you buy a used yurt and have to go through the permitting process and retroactively pull engineering plans, there is always a risk that the used yurt as designed will not be sufficient for your snow and wind loads and you may have to retrofit structural upgrades like a snow/wind kit, perimeter blocking, larger roof rafter system, central column, additional tension cable, etc. However, when you buy from Shelter Designs, we are able to provide you with custom yurt options to meet your snow and wind loads. 

Door and Window Locations

More often than not, folks buying a used yurt cannot alter or change the door and window locations, and the colors are set in stone (unless you want to purchase and install brand new fabrics, which will incur significant additional costs). The door and window location may not be ideal at its new site for optimal parking access, maximizing views, interior framing, ventilation, etc. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing a location and your yurt.

Stovepipe Location

You will also want to consider the stovepipe location within the yurt. We like to see our stovepipes vented on the leeward side of the yurt to avoid smoke and embers from regularly blowing back onto the yurt. If the used yurts stove location is not on the downwind side of the yurt, you may have to look at patching up the old location and reinstall your flashing kit and heat source. This will help avoid future maintenance issues that could have been avoided.

yurt stovepipe

Will You Need Repacking and Setting Up Support? 

When you buy a used yurt for sale, you’ll want to consider how your yurt will get from point A to B. Will the seller assist in the takedown and provide shipping options, or will you have to arrange it yourself? 

What if the manufacturer is no longer in business? Mistakes and oversights can be made during the setup and the yurt may not function as intended and could be left unprotected and from the elements.

We are always happy to help folks who purchased a used Shelter Designs yurt with setup support.

Keeping Track of Yurt Hardware

An incredible amount of components and hardware are put into yurts and it can be very tedious to take everything down and keep it organized. Crucial pieces may be lost, damaged, or mislabeled during the take down or in transit if careful attention is not taken. When you purchase a new yurt, every component in the kit is clearly labeled and easy to find. We ship on dedicated full size flatbeds and the crates are simple and straightforward to unload with a forklift. You don’t have to worry about the kit being unloaded and reloaded many times during transit, which can potentially lead to damage or lost parts.

Your Yurt Platform

Every yurt needs a precisely built, round platform constructed for the yurt to sit on and anchor to. When buying a used yurt, the post and beam foundation often is not salvageable and you may have to start from ground zero. This could lead to a slow build process once the yurt is on-site. However, buying new ensures you have all the materials and resources you need for building a yurt. 

Used vs New Pricing

Are you getting a good deal? It may seem like a great deal upfront, but what will the total cost be when all is said and done with transportation, set up, replacement parts, labor costs, etc. In the grand scheme of things, investing more upfront will provide crucial benefits. Consider the following:

  1. Warranty coverage – how old is your used yurt and is it still covered?
  2. Is the yurt designed for site-specific snow and wind loads?
  3. Do you have the ability to design your own door and window placement?
  4. Are the color choices what you want?

A used yurt could be right for you if yurt cost is a concern, but listed above are some serious structural concerns regarding buying a used yurt that you should be aware of. Consider your long-term goals, the custom features you may want, and the transportation of a used yurt before making your final yurt living decision. Ultimately, the choice is yours but please we weary of some used yurts for sale. If you’re interested in our custom yurts for sale, contact us.

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