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Yurt Cleaning and Maintenance

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Yurt Edition

May 19, 2023

With the welcome return of warmer weather, it is time to get outside and enjoy all of the wonders of nature!  It is also a great time to schedule in some routine yearly yurt maintenance.  Just like wood framed houses or other structures, yurts need routine care to preserve the life of the structure and endure the elements.  It’s yurt cleaning time.  Pick an open day or two to perform the tasks on the following list and keep your yurt in tip top shape!

Yurt Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Exterior Fabric Cleaning –  Over time, dirt will accumulate and build up on the exterior fabrics of your yurt.  We recommend removing this dirt at least annually, or more frequently if visually needed.  To remove the dirt, pick a warm day and scrub the exterior roof and wall with warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush.  Do NOT use a pressure washer as this can damage the coatings and void the warranty on the fabrics.  Using soapy water (not a harsh detergent)  and some elbow grease, most dirt can be removed in a few hours.  Attach the brush to telescopic handle to reach the roof, and you can also pop your dome off and access the top of the roof through the opening in the compression ring off of a ladder.  Scrub, rinse with water, and you are done!

Dome Cleaning – There is nothing quite like laying back in a yurt and gazing at the sky through the skylight dome at the top.  Unless, that is, it is dirty!  To clean the dome, you will want to undo the springs that attach it to the compression ring as well as undo the operable spindle (if you have an opening dome).  Tie a rope to one of the eyelets the springs are attached to and carefully slide the dome down the exterior roof to someone waiting at the roof edge.  Rinse the interior and exterior off with a hose.  Let it dry and see if it still needs additional cleaning.  If it does, use a soft cloth (do NOT use paper towels as this can scratch the dome surface) and a warm soapy water solution.  Rinse clean, let it dry, and it is ready to be put back up!  This is also a great time to clear away any cobwebs up at the compression ring that may have built up over the winter.

Window Cleaning – Both our operable glass windows and vinyl fabric style windows should be cleaned periodically.  The glass windows can be cleaned using a standard glass cleaner or warm soapy water and a squeegee.  The vinyl fabric windows should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.  Do NOT use paper towels as they can scratch the vinyl.  Remember to roll the exterior storm flaps of the fabric windows towards the yurt wall so that water shedding off the roof does not accumulate in the rolls.  

Touch Up Exterior Wood Surfaces – Exposed exterior wood should be touched up with the correct stain as visually needed.  Areas that may need attention are the cedar siding below glass windows, the vertical cedar trim on glass windows and doorways, and the bottom threshold of doorways.  We use Exterior Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil on the frame before it is shipped out, so if you can source that it will color match well.  Or, you can try a small test patch with a different quality, exterior finish of your choosing and see how well it matches in color.  

Exterior Fabric Tensioning – You may notice wrinkles in your fabric wall that were not there in the winter.  This is not uncommon as the fabric will relax with warmer temperatures.  If you need to retention the fabric, simply remove the vertical cedar trim pieces by glass windows and doorways and unscrew the bottom of the wall from the bender board.  Stretch the fabric back taut and reapply the screws to the bender board and the vertical cedar trim by doors and windows. 

It is well worth the small investment of time and materials to keep your yurt properly maintained and looking it’s best.  Pick a relaxing weekend and have fun keeping your yurt in tip top shape!

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Yurt Cleaning and Maintenance