We can arrange delivery of your yurt to all 50 states, and can also arrange international shipping.  For folks living in a 300 miles radius to Missoula, Montana renting/borrowing a trailer or Uhaul type vehicle will often be more cost effective than shipping.  International shipment are delivered to the port, at which point the yurt purchaser will need to make final trasportation from the port to final destination and negotiate tarriffs, duties,and port fees.

We can easily give you a shipping estimate of current prices provided we have your yurt size and type, number and type of windows and doors, and shipping location. Shipping estimates are based off of weight and size.  We allow for a 2 week pick up time frame after which customers will be charged a weekly storage fee.  Prices for yurt and SIPS floor shipping generally range from $800-$4000.  

There is a crate fee charged for all shipped yurt packages.  All yurts have a $400 crate fee.  If you add glass windows to your yurt, an additional $150 will be charged on top of the base fee.  SIPS floors have a $300 crate fee. If you pick up your yurt at the shop, we do not charge the crating fee.

We include a detailed set of instructions with your yurt via our setup DVD. Please also check our Youtube Channel for detailed interior build out, and set up tips.

We do not currently offer our services for deliveries or set-ups.  The yurt set up requires a few tools, a completed platform, and quite a few sets of hands.  
Many folks are hiring a local general contractor to help with their platform build, yurt set up, and interior build out.

We ship yurts via an LTL freight carrier or a flatbed semi truck.  You will be required to supply a forklift to unload and move your crates.  The delivery site will need to accomodate a full size semi truck.  

 Tools Needed for a yurt set up: Cordless Drill with Phillips bit, T-20 and T-25 Torx bits, ¼” drill bit; 3/16th drill bit; 7/8” spade or paddle bit; Hammer; Tape measure; Flexible 50’ or 100’ tape measure; Adjustable wrench; Razor knife (box cutter); Scissors; Hand saw OR Jig saw; 6’ or 8’ step ladders; scaffolding; Four foot level; Hand staple gun with 3/8” or ½” staples; Sharpie permanent marker; two (2)  8' 2x4 for bracing per each hard opening (glass windows and doors) 



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