If you have ordered a yurt, and live in the immediate 300 miles around Missoula, you will probably find it is more cost effective for you to pick your yurt up.  Some folks fly into Missoula and rent a Uhaul to take their yurt back home in.  We can advise you on the correct size of Uhaul to get if you are considering this option.  We do not crate your yurt for a shop pick up.  For yurt sizes 16'-20' you may be able to fit your yurt into the back of a full sized pick up bed.

If you have a 24'-40' yurt you will definitely need a truck and trailer.  Keep in mind your roof rafters alone for a 40' yurt are 21' feet long, and weigh 35-40 # each.  And there are 68 of them!

Yurts being Shipped: Our yurts are crated prior to shipment, and are intended to be unloaded using a forklift.  There will be 2-6 crates depending on the size of your yurt, and each crate will have a packing list that tells you what it in each crate.  If you have ordered a 12', 16', or 20' yurt you may be able to transport your crates using a truck and a small utility trailer. (10'-12 trailer)

A 24', 27' & 30' yurts will require a full size truck and long trailer. (16' trailer)

A 35' & 40' yurt will require a full size truck (3/4-1 ton truck), and heavy duty trailer (20'+ trailer)

SIPS floors will typically double the size of container, size of trailer used, and cost of shipping (if you are getting your yurt delivered).  We can walk you through the specific details of your shipping or what size trailer you will need.


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