Shelter Designs Yurt Exterior

" We were all impressed with the workmanship and attention to details! It obvious you guys take pride in your yurts. Once again great job and thanks!" 
Paul & Shawna, Alberta

Shelter Designs, LLC was founded on the principals of quality, beauty, affordability, and most importantly, sustainability. In 1999, we began hand-crafting and living in our yurts in the northern Rockies. The lessons that we have learned over this time have been incorporated into each of our custom-built yurts. Our company prides itself on building strong, durable structures with uncompromising attention to detail.

When you are looking to buy a yurt, here's why you should consider us.

Best Pricing. At Shelter Designs, your satisfaction is our top priority. Part of that satisfaction is providing you with the best price offered for comparable quality yurts today.  Simply put, SD offers excellent yurts at the best price.

Eco-Yurt. Our flagship model, the Eco-Yurt, stands alone in the industry as the most sustainably manufactured yurt in North America. We are proud to incorporate sustainably-harvested lumber in the woodwork. Our round, hand finished roof poles are gathered from areas of the forest that benefit from selective thinning.

All of the interior and exterior wood finishes are non-toxic, no-voc, environmentally friendly and safe to handle. Be healthy and live green in a Shelter Designs Eco-Yurt.

Standard Tall Walls.
The wall height for a Shelter Design yurt is 7‘-2“. This feature allows you to have a standard 80" tall door, better window placement and makes for a roomier structure. Tall yurt walls lend themselves to interior lofts for efficient use of space.

"We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to choose Shelter Designs to design and build our yurt. From the initial phone call to leading the yurt setup - Shelter Design's professional staff guided us step by the step through the whole process. When friends and family visit our beautiful yurt their response is always the same, "Wow!"

Michael & Lacy, Idaho

Standard Awning. Shelter Designs is the only yurt manufacturer that builds protective awnings directly into the door frame in addition to the roof rain diverter. This strong structural component sheds snow and rain away from the entryway. An unprotected door is a door that will have problems. Door awnings and rain diverters come as standard features in all Shelter Designs yurts.

Entryway. An entryway should not only be functional but attractive as well. Shelter Designs uses quality exterior steel and wooden doors in its yurts. Thermal pane windows are available upon request. We reinforce our doorframes by laminating oak across the top for added strength.  We also laminate cedar at the base of the doorframe for excellent natural resistance to problems that can occur in damp conditions.

Heavy Duty Tension Cable. There is no substitute for a strong roof. Shelter Designs uses a 3/8" high strength aircraft cable for our tension bands. Our roofs exhibit superior performance with substantial snow and ice loads.

Experience has taught us that these features make yurt living more functional and enjoyable. While other manufacturers charge extra for many of these options, we include them in our base price.  This means there are no hidden costs when you buy a yurt from us. We invite you to share in the experience of living, working, and enjoying life in a Shelter Designs yurt. Design your yurt today and receive a free quote.

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