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10 Reasons a yurt house might not be right for you

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There is nothing more liberating than making and realizing long term plans, and having the vision required to get you to your goals.  At Shelter Designs we saw the need for Environmentally responsible shelters, and went from there.  Many of our business days are spent crafting the wooden c...
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Relevant Building & Energy Codes

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Relevant Building & Energy Codes We fully expect that these codes will eventually be updated to fully reflect the vast innovation that is taking place in housing today. New insulation materials and new technologies will push the envelope as we enter a new era in which the carbon footprint of a h...
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Making a Site Map

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Making a SITE map
MAKING A SITE MAP: Seeing is believing!  Go ahead and draw a map of your site and make a list of things that limit your project, and any assets you know of.  Think of this map as the architecture of your land.  Writing down what your plans are for your project can be super helpful.&nb...
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Yurt Site Selection

American Prairie Reserve
One of the greatest things about yurts is that they can have a very small footprint, and get put onto sites that you would never consider putting a house. Some of this is due to the platform construction, which can be very simple. Yurts can also blend in well to the surroundings due to the pleasing ...
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Buying or Leasing Land

   BUYING OR LEASING LAND   There's a certain romanticism to building your own dream home. Sure, the American dream used to mean Suburban bliss with a manicured yard and the 2 car garage, maybe a second vacation home. For certain folks, this is just a little too boring. Your dream yur...
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County Building Codes and Requirements

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  Planning on the proper piece of property for a yurt is similar to buying land for other types of structures, but there are some special things to watch out for. Here are the steps we recommend you consider.    Step I. Rese...
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Budgeting for your yurt

  So you've decided that a yurt is for you.  You've done your research, perhaps stayed in a yurt, compared options and companies, and settled on a beautiful Shelter Designs Yurt.  Good choice!  There are some important considerations to be made to begin your project, none more so...
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Introduction to a new series: Planning your yurt dream space

       We hate to say it, but we are bad about writing about our yurts.  Our passion is in the shop, as we meticulously make sure that every single piece of roof rafter and lattice is shaped, sanded and finished to specification.  We love talking to our custom...
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